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They Are Here are due to arrive this August

Why is it that when aliens come to our planet, they always head straight for a farm and rarely leave any indisputable evidence? In indie developer DEKLAZON’s upcoming first-person horror adventure, They Are Here, players will get to investigate one such rural UFO sighting for themselves and hopefully document conclusive proof once and for all.

For five straight nights beginning August 7, 2001, the Sherman family observed a collection of lights hovering over top of their farm, darting about in strange patterns. Farmer Peter Sherman saw a strange-looking intruder in his field, while the animals “went crazy” and the children complained of hearing footsteps beneath their window. Reporting for the local newspaper, journalist Taylor Fox decides to investigate these extraordinary claims. Arriving at the farm with nothing but a camera and flashlight, Fox attempts to photograph the frightening phenomena. What could go wrong?

Players will explore the farm (at night, of course) in free-roaming 3D, collecting clues to the family’s history and taking pictures of any potential “evidence of alien presence and paranormal activity,” all in an effort to determine whether what happened to the Shermans was truly out of this world or just an elaborate hoax. DEKLAZON promises a chilling horror experience rife with jump scares, some blood, and of course the haunting deep foghorn sound that all UFOs seem to make.

In keeping with the date of the initial extraterrestrial invasion, They Are Here is set to get underway on Steam on August 7, 2021 for Windows PC.

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