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The Koala Rebellion forming for early 2022

There are a disturbing number of things that threaten the future of humanity: climate disaster, nuclear war, and of course the spectre of deadly pandemics. But it's the one we're not prepared for that's ultimately going to get us: a vengeful bear. At least, it is if indie developer Kilzemol Games' upcoming comedy sci-fi adventure The Koala Rebellion is to be believed. 

Fred is no ordinary koala – sure he's cute and cuddly, but he's also been turned into "a super genius" and is now "pissed at humanity." Seeking revenge for what's happened to him, Fred succeeds in wiping out everyone on Earth before beginning his "conquest of the galaxy." Players control the last human being who – rather fortunately as it turns out – was "kidnapped as a baby" and taken to another planet. When your home world is destroyed, you become mankind's last hope and must embark on a space-hopping adventure to somehow "save human civilization."

Inspired by both the point-and-click classics and popular science fiction movies of the eighties and nineties, The Koala Rebellion is a traditional third-person pixel art adventure promising a "nostalgic retro-old-school" experience "filled with action, puzzles and slap-silly-stickiness," including a few short arcade sequences. Don't let its cartoony aesthetic fool you, however, as this is not a game for kids but is "directed at an adult audience" who will most appareciate the playful riffs on pop culture from decades past. 

The ultimate goal is to release The Koala Rebellion early in 2022 on Windows and Mac, but a lot has to happen before that. The developer hopes to complete a demo early in the new year, followed by a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the remaining production. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on the game's progress through its Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

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