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Signal & Echo: Iris is Missing demo launches today

Kini Games, a new game development studio, has released a demo for its first game, Signal & Echo: Iris is Missing. The game is a point-and-click mystery adventure with innovative detective mechanics. The free demo is available on Steam and itch.io, featuring around one hour of gameplay.

Players must help Ollie, a fledgling journalist on his first day at the Signal & Echo newspaper, to solve the mystery behind schoolgirl Iris Wood’s recent disappearance. Alongside inventory puzzles and other conventional adventure game mechanics, S&E uses a unique text parser system to test players’ deduction skills. Developer Will Ackermann, who spent several years working as a reporter in the UK, said: “Like many adventure game devs, I’ve loved this genre since childhood. As an adult, however, the puzzles can sometimes leave me unsatisfied. Often, they’re either too silly or too easy for my liking.", “I wanted to include some deduction-based puzzles, like you’d find in a detective game, in an otherwise traditional P&C adventure. I devised my text parser system to enable that."

The demo for Signal & Echo is available on Steam and on Itch.io. If you're interested in an early look at Signal & Echo be sure to use this opportunity.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD Signal & Echo: Iris is Missing

Signal & Echo: Iris is Missing is available at:

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