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New sci-fi adventure game Sky of Tides releases alpha demo

Lofty Sky Entertainment has released an alpha demo of its sci-fi narrative adventure Sky of Tides to its community. Members of the game's Discord, can play a work-in-progress version of the first two chapters, showcased in a brand-new trailer.

Sky of Tides is a sci-fi narrative adventure with RPG trappings. Set in a technologically advanced universe on the brink of war, the game follows Rin, who must search for their missing father on Numen: a broken planet whose ocean hangs in the sky, a world in peril, whose peoples are divided.

In Sky of Tides, players will travel to unknown and ancient lands - from Rin's family farm on Yantar to the harsh, desolate wasteland of the Bleached Relics. Explore Numen's mysterious and ancient landscapes and unearth items to understand the world around you as you uncover a story close to your heart and home.

Dialogue choices shape Rin's character. It's not just about what you do but also how you react. Players will need to think about the sort of person they wish Rin to be, as the world of Numen will respond to Rin's personality. The choices you make will be reflected in your character stats. Increase your intelligence, humor, courage, compassion, and luck - but be wary of what you say, as the people of Numen aren't afraid to talk back.

Creative director Judith Cheung said on the game's lore: "Numen was once whole, but now broken with the ocean hanging precariously in the sky. The tides could come crashing down at any moment if the people of the planet don't come together. There aren't any right or wrong choices in Sky of Tides, but each choice will shape the person you are to become."

Sky of Tides has been in production at Lofty Sky Entertainment since 2018. As well as games, the studio produces content for TV and film. It's the studio's second game, following the success of its 2017 graphic novel/action hybrid title, Shuyan Saga.

Sky of Tides will be released for PC via Steam in 2023.

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