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Little Ghost Project sighted on Ulele

Most Halloween ghost stories are about frightened humans being haunted by supernatural creatures. This is true of Jolly Roger Productions' upcoming Burton-esque point-and-click adventure Little Ghost Project (working title) as well, though from the perspective of a rather inept ghost trying to do the scaring rather than the people being scared. 

The land of the dead is "full of ghouls, ghosts, vampires and many other terrifying undead," a society that has its own laws and codes of conduct, and everyone is required to "work to earn a dying." MacMillan is a tiny "wannabe wraith" who dreams of becoming a fearsome force. The problem is, he's clumsy, and "after causing a disaster at the Wraith Academy," the diminutive spectre embarks on an adventure that "leads him far beyond the world of the dead and changes him forever." As you travel between the worlds of the living and the dead with two unlikely companions, you'll meet a variety of "fantastically grotesque characters" and solve "wacky enigmas" along the way.

The "burlesque and colorful universe" of Little Ghost Project is presented in stylish 3D graphics with hand-painted textures, an aesthetic that has been heavily inspired by the works of Tim Burton, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and The Corpse Bride. Described as a dark but fun "satirical fairy tale," the game will task players with scaring the living to collect ectoplasm, which can be used to engage in "epic Grimace Duels with other spooks." Fortunately you'll be equipped with your EctoVision Spectacles, and joined at various points by Aby, a "mysterious girl" who saves MacMillan from danger and seems "strangely related to the little ghost," as well as Hank, a "shrunken smart head" who is "a real encyclopedia on the worlds of the dead and the living."

In order to complete the game for PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, the indie French developer has launched a Ulele campaign to raise €35,000 by December 5th. If successful, we should see Little Ghost Project released as early as March 2022. For a better taste of what to expect, a playable demo is expected soon, before the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

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