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Kickstarter campaign illuminates Adventure Light

Lamps have been indispensible adventure game tools since the very early text days, but never has one been more important than in the upcoming Adventure Light, a LIMBO-like side-scroller that is currently raising funds through Kickstarter. 

Eight children have recently gone missing, but it's the latest that matters most to Steve, as it's his best friend Adam who's disappeared this time. And so, armed only with his trusty lantern, he bravely ventures out into the nearby woods where Adam was last seen. There are "many rumors and terrifying stories about the forest on the outskirts of the city," and indeed darkness will not be Steve's only challenge this night. If he's to find his friend and the other children and get everyone out alive, he must solve a variety of puzzles and avoid "all sorts of traps [and] enemies" along the way. 

Inspired by LIMBO in more ways than one, Adventure Light is not only a side-scrolling, death-defying adventure, it's similarly presented almost entirely in silhouette. With the only source of light being your own lantern, you'll have a limited field of vision to guide you through the pitch-black woods. Unable to rely on your sight as much as usual, you'll need to "move very carefully" and pay close attention to "each and every sound coming from the darkness." Adding to the atmosphere will be a calm but "disturbing" music-box-style lullaby playing in the background as an ever-present reminder that you're never truly safe. With only limited abilities to push, pull, jump and throw certain items, you're going to have to rely mostly on your wits to survive.

In order to complete the game, indie developer Yuri Chervonyi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 US by July 1st. If successful, we should see the game released on Steam sometime in 2022 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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