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Initial details come out for The Fold: Ingression

Normally you'd think of churches as places of sanctuary (well, pre-pandemic, anyway), but the opposite will be true in indie developer Audvyr Studio's upcoming thriller, The Fold: Ingression.

Set on Norway's Telemark coast, the game stars a young man named Amund Vreim, who has just been "hired for a strange job as substitute caretaker for Eikherad stave church." This old building and its surrounding environs "hold many secrets" that date all the way back to the Viking era. Although not a religious man, Amund possesses unique paranormal abilities that are enhanced by this deeply spiritual setting and "he has no choice but to believe what he sees." As Amund undertakes the "mysterious tasks" assigned to him, he finds himself in "increasingly strange situations and quickly learns that he's not alone." 

A solo project by Stian Willums, one of the designers of Through the Woods, this first-person 3D thriller is "inspired by the Norse people, old Norwegian legends and horror elements from the Lovecraft universe." Its "dark story" will be a fairly linear one, but does promise "several outcomes and variations to the story and environments" along the way. While telling a standalone tale, Ingression is intended to be just the first installment in an ongoing series about "the ones called 'The Fold' and their mysterious ancient worlds." And since the studio name is based on the old Norse word for "beast/creature," players can expect "all kinds of mysterious creatures" as this universe expands.

There is no target release date for this game just yet, but when finished The Fold: Ingression will launch on Steam for Windows PC. In the meantime, you can follow its progress through the official website.

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