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First evidence uncovered for Lost Lies

Full motion video continues to make something of a comeback, from Her Story to The Complex to The Shapeshifting Detective, to name just a few of an increasing number of live-action releases in recent years. Another new interactive FMV adventure to join the ranks soon enough will be indie Polish developer Madnetic Games' Lost Lies when it is released for PC next summer. 

Players control a detective following in the footsteps of a colleague who was "on the brink of solving a cold case from the '80s" before vanishing without a trace. You will need to "pick up where she left off and unravel the secrets surrounding a series of mysterious suicides" if you're to succeed where she did not in pursuing "the largest crime story of years." The path is clear: "find the detective, find the truth," but beware that "not everything is as it seems."

Described as a "true detective feature-length thriller movie game," Lost Lies is a choice-driven mystery in which your decisions impact how the story plays out. You'll need to do some actual investigation by gathering evidence and interrogating suspects and witnesses, of course, and the developers also hope to implement a kind of central "detective room" where you'll analyze documents, watch and tag VHS footage, and compare materials along the way, though these features are still being worked out and are subject to change.

There is no firm release date for Lost Lies just yet, but the game is due to launch on Steam for Windows PC sometime in the third quarter of 2021. To follow its progress in the meantime, be sure to check out the official website.

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