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First details leak out for Tears of Themis

You've heard of the romcom, but how about a romlaw? That's what you get when you blend romance with an Ace Attorney-styled detective mystery and courtroom drama, as will be the case later this year with miHoYo's upcoming mobile adventure, Tears of Themis.

If Phoenix Wright were a woman, he'd probably be a whole lot like the star of this game, an idealistic young attorney for the Themis Law firm in Stellis City who pursues a variety of "mysterious and complicated" cases. As with Capcom's popular long-running series, here players will partake in a two-pronged investigation beginning with detective work as you examine crime scenes for clues, question witnesses and potential suspects, and analyze evidence on a crime computer. When you've built a solid case, you'll then head into court for a series of legal battles in an effort to bring "justice and peace back to the city." 

Blending first-person CG environments with hand-painted, anime-inspired characters, Tears of Themis promises a "journey filled with suspense, romance, and wits." The suspense and wits parts stem from the cases you're working, but the romance angle is yours to nurture as you wish. Around you are four men vying for your attention: hotshot private detective Luke Pearce, corporate heir Marius von Hagen, psychiatrist Vyn Wichter, and fellow attorney Artem Wing. Each has his own distinct "identity, personality, skills, and background," and in the process of conducting your investigations you'll get to know all of them better on a personal level. Depending on your preferences, you'll have the opportunity to build "special connections" with whoever you choose to rely on the most.

Currently in development for iOS and Android devices, Tears of Themis isn't due to be released until sometime later this year. In the meantime, however, the developers have initiated closed beta registration on the game's official website, though you'll have to act fast as the actual testing is due to begin on May 8th. 

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