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Extra Coin to be dispensed on PC and consoles in 2021

Social media is already a (way too) big part of our lives, but that's nothing compared to a future when entire virtual networks become available to lose ourselves in entirely. One vision of just such a future is coming soon in the form of Extra Coin, a new adventure from the Italian creators of The Wardrobe.

It's 2066, in the city of Hangzhou, where the parents of a young woman named Mika Wattson have become "permanently connected to the virtual world" called The Arcade, completely "abandoning their earthly existences" in the process. When her grandfather dies, Mika is all alone, but she is determined to bring her parents back to reality. So she too joins the Extra Coin program, armed with a special gift given to her by her grandfather before his death: a unique medallion that has "the power to reveal the identity of users in The Arcade, violating one of the three rules of the social network but bringing obscure secrets to light."

While the vivid retro pixel art in Extra Coin may seem simpler than the hand-painted graphics of The Wardrobe, otherwise the game promises to be much more ambitious than its predecessor. Here players will not only follow "the events facing Mika inside the social network," you'll also get to create your own virtual character by choosing from "hundreds of possibilities for customization in appearance and features, and by forging different individual game styles." In order to succeed in The Arcade, you'll need to obtain followers, who will "act like in-game currency (spendable only after having satisfied certain quirks and needs) and will inevitably affect your decisions."

While Extra Coin isn't due to be released on consoles and PC on Steam until the first half of next year, in the meantime you can join the game's Discord channel, where users will be eligible to play an "exclusive beta version that will be available soon."

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