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Demo uncovered for Hadr

A well-placed cloth can cover a multitude of sins, but in the upcoming adventure Hadr, it can (and must) actually make things disappear!

Rather than tell an overt story, this "short atmospheric game" co-developed by Dominik Konečný and Ateliér Duchů puts players in control of "a piece of flying fabric." But flight is not your only gift, as you are also able to make "every single thing you can cover" disappear completely, which you'll need to do in order to solve puzzles and progress. This ability isn't merely a gimmick, either, as it's tied to the underlying narrative about "a magician, his faithful friend rabbit and the unpredictability of magic tricks." It will also pose the existential question, "are real things disappearing or just memories?"

As befits such a surreal premise, the keyboard- or gamepad-controlled Hadr features a unique aesthetic with a slightly isometric perspective and a "minimalist atmosphere and color scheme" inspired by Central European functionalism. The soundtrack is more organic than in most games, promising "interactive music mixed in realtime for every room," with "special sound effects emerging from the music itself." The experience isn't meant to be a long one, offering about two hours of play time across thirteen distinct locations. 

The complete version of Hadr isn't far off, with a launch date of October 6th for Windows PC on Steam and itch.io, but you can check it out firsthand right away through the playable demo available on both platforms. 

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