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Demo offers look forward at Behind the Beyond

Looking for work can be an adventure, but usually not the sort they make games about. Fortunately the search for employment promises to be a whole lot more fun than sending out CVs and attending interviews in Sugarpunch Games' upcoming Behind the Beyond, a fantastical point-and-click comic adventure inspired by Hungarian folklore.

The game stars Johnny, the "youngest son of a poor man" who lives in a fairy-tale land "over the glass mountains but before the neverending sea." Johnny is determined to "travel around the world, slay dragons and rescue princesses," but in order to do that he's going to need some money first. And so he sets out to get a job in town, but he ends up finding "a wondrous adventure instead." Accompanied by a fox, Johnny begins to explore this "magical world" in "the format of a Hungarian folktale" in order to "uncover the mysteries of the kingdom and find his true calling." 

Described as an "immersive folk experience," Behind the Beyond is a stylish hand-drawn adventure presenting an authentic cultural experience that stays true to the indie developer's Hungarian heritage, in terms of both storytelling technique and the "detailed and wonderfully weird artwork based on folk art and various embroidery styles." The gameplay will blend traditional adventure elements with some light roleplaying. Along with the standard means of interacting with the environment, the verb wheel will include "special actions that require you to improve Johnny's skills of Strength, Charm and Dexterity." Choices matter, as there are many multiple solutions and "numerous side quests where you will have to decide how things go down," leading to one of multiple different endings that will "shape the future of the kingdom and its people."

Originally conceived as part of a two-week Adventure Jam in 2016, Behind the Beyond is now being expanded into full-fledged game that will need a little funding of its own, with a Kickstarter planned to help complete production. In the meantime, you can get a taste of what's in store already through the playable demo available on Steam.

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