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Dark Room opened on Steam

There's something inherently scary about the dark, but in horror games there are more figurative types of darkness that can be just as frightening, if not more so. You'll need to deal with both kinds of terrors in the newly released debut installment of indie developer Lexip Games' Dark Room trilogy.

In traditional horror game fashion, you awaken to find yourself locked in a decrepit room with no memory of who you are or how you got there. Beside you is "a strange wristwatch displaying the date 4th of July, 1997," and a pentagram on the floor, a skull, and the drawing of a gas mask on the wall suggest that your life may be in danger. Elsewhere in the room, a "golden key offers your first real clue, but someone is pounding on a nearby door." Who knows what "lurking terrors" await just beyond, but you have no choice but to venture out if you're to "discover your past, your identity and your destiny, trapped in a mysterious mansion full of terror, deceit and surprises."

Dark Room is a slideshow-style first-person adventure that promises plenty of "clues to decipher, doors to unlock, puzzles to solve and mysteries to explain." As you explore, you must collect and combine items in order to progress, as well as "carefully examine clues in the most unlikely of places." Along the way you'll discover handwritten notes and letters from those who came before you, serving as a stark reminder and warning that "you are not alone, and it is only a matter of time before your luck runs out."

Designed to be a three-part adventure spread across three distinct environments, Dark Room's first episode is available now on Steam for Windows PC. To follow the development of upcoming episodes, be sure to drop by the official website for further updates. 

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