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Anate Studio establishing The Safe Place

Actions have consequences, no matter how unintended. The more terrible the act, the more terrible the repercussions. This inescapable fact lies at the heart of The Safe Place, an upcoming new point-and-click adventure from the creator of Little Kite and Repentant.

Players control a man named Alexander, who is returning home one cold winter night when he inadvertently "kills a man who wanted to steal his bag." Concerned about the fate of his family if he's arrested, Alexander "hides all traces of his crime and even persuades to keep silent the only witness – a twelve-year-old girl." In exchange for her silence, Alexander agrees to grant the girl her one request: protection. Little does he know that this decision "will have fatal consequences."

As with the developer's previous games, The Safe Place is presented in a beautifully hand-painted third-person art style, as displayed in the early screenshots and alpha video footage released. Also like its predecessors, this aesthetic beauty stands in stark contrast to the decidedly bleak themes in a game described as a "dramatic deep social point-and-click adventure about tough childhood and self-sacrifice." 

There is currently no target release date, but you can follow the progress of The Safe Place through the official website.

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