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Already strange year is heading towards Ultra Strangeness

As strange as 2020 has already been, that's nothing compared to the Ultra Strangeness still to come – quite literally, that is, in the form of indie developer Michael Rfdshir's upcoming adventure by that name. 

There is no overt story to be uncovered here, as that wouldn't be nearly strange enough, but players control a "creative entity enclosed in a mysterious box." As you explore the surreal environments contained within the box, you must attempt to "transform this strange world and reveal its secrets to get out."

The main appeal of Ultra Strangeness is its handmade claymation design with stop motion animation. Resembling an interactive art installation as much as a point-and-click adventure, the game's early screenshots and trailer show off the "nice psychedelic vibe" we can expect from the (usually) vibrantly coloured visuals. There will be no text or dialogue to be found in the projected two-plus hours of gameplay, just a number of unique characters to meet and puzzles to solve with a "simplified craft system."

Ultra Strangeness isn't due to launch on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux until sometime later this year, but while you wait you can check out the indie developer's similarly styled Wurroom, a "10 minute dive into the unknown depths of the multiverse."

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