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Adventure to be more widely found Down in Bermuda

What exactly happens to all the airplanes and sea vessels that disappear in the famed Bermuda Triangle? That may forever remain a mystery, but you can find out for yourself what happens to one in particular in Yak & Co's isometric adventure, Down in Bermuda.

Players control an "adventurous aviator" named Milton, who has been "trapped in a time bubble" for decades after crash landing due to "unnatural storm." If you're ever to find your way home, you'll need to "overcome creatures of the deep" and unravel the secrets of six distinct Bermuda islands, each with its own unique obstacles.

As with the developer's previous game, the spy adventure Agent A: A puzzle in disguise, Down in Bermuda is presented in a charming cartoony art style, though here the action is viewed from an isometric perspective. This "quirky adventure" promises to be "filled with puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover" as you progress from one island to the next, cracking codes and collecting magic orbs along the way. 

Originally released as an Apple Arcade exclusive with only three islands to explore, Down in Bermuda has since been expanded with another three islands and ported to additional platforms, releasing today in its complete form for PC on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store, as well as the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Series X|S, and the Nintendo eShop for Switch. 

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