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Steam Game Festival demo offers first crack at The Last Shot

How many adventure game inventory puzzles could be solved without all the convoluted item combinations if only you had a good ol' hammer or wrench? Well, we can find out for ourselves this week in the Steam Game Festival demo for Rumata Lab's upcoming adventure, The Last Shot.

The game is set in a "war-ravaged diesel-punk world" in which "militaristic cities fight endlessly with massive weaponry, all striving to be the last one standing." Players control a "humble mechanical engineer" whose job it is to continually "produce the shells that are almost immediately blasted into a neighboring city’s exposed bits." That all changes when "your comfortable routine is interrupted and you are thrust into the outside world on a dangerous journey. To save your friends and the city you love, you must uncover a terrible conspiracy and find a way to put an end to a nefarious plan."

The Last Shot is a side-scrolling adventure with a delightful hand-drawn art style. Don't let the cartoony look fool you, however, as the dystopian backdrop has been designed with a World War II-inspired aesthetic. Indeed, your city has just been attacked and in order to progress you will need to "use your innate abilities to repair, create, or destroy vital tools and machinery," all the while being mindful to avoid "the hazards of everyday life." You'll learn more about the history and lore of this world as you "solve numerous puzzles and tinker with machinery and contraptions of all shapes and sizes." Your wits and your toolbelt are your most important resources, but some legwork is required as well. Fortunately, in between some light platforming on foot along the way, you'll also have the opportunity to "drive all-terrain vehicles, jetpacks, armored trains, moving platforms, and so much more."

While the full version of The Last Shot isn't due to launch for Windows PC until early next year, a limited-time demo is available to download from Steam only until the Summer Game Festival concludes on June 22nd.

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