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Monorail Stories on track for 2021 release

We tend to think of trains merely as vehicles traveling a perfectly linear route between two points, but inside a train live the countless individual stories of its passengers. It's these personal tales explored during a shared journey, rather than the final destination, that are at the heart of Monorail Stories, an upcoming new adventure from the creator of Eselmir and the five magical gifts.

Plot details are sparse, but the game will star two different protagonists, Silvie and Ahmal, who live in different cities on adjacent islands and "travel each day on the same Monorail, but at different times and opposite directions." Along the way they encounter numerous "ordinary people," each with their own "extraordinary, everyday stories about commuting, human relations and destiny waiting to be told." As they converse with this eclectic group of fellow passengers, Silvie and Ahmal will have to make various choices without knowing that they are "sharing a common story."

Other than its third-person point-and-click presentation, Monorail Stories couldn't be more different than Stelex Software's previous game. Gone are the epic fantasy trappings and raw hand-sketched art style of Eselmir, replaced here with a "short minimalistic adventure" in a modern day pixel art setting. Set entirely on board the monorail and in their opposite stations, the game will be more about "choices and interactions than mind-bending puzzles." How you respond to the "unique cast of travelers" you meet will impact how the story plays out and lead to one of multiple possible endings. And if you'd like to share the experience with someone else, you can do so through the "asynchronous multiplayer mode" provided. 

The full version of Monorail Stories isn't due until sometime in 2021, and a Kickstarter campaign is expected to help finance the production, but for an early peek at what to expect, a demo is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac, but only until the end of the Summer Game Festival, which ends June 22nd.

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