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Alterity Experience comes together on Steam

Home invasions are scary. Home invasions in the midst of unexplained phenomena happening all around you are really scary. Hopefully none of us ever has to experience that firsthand, but we can all do so virtually in Onitron Studio's Alterity Experience

The game is set inside the Cornwell Family ranch house in northern California's Lucy County Firefly National Park. For the past several weeks, "witnesses claim to have seen luminous phenomena in the park at night," and "many local farmers have found their farms covered in a mysterious purple substance." You are just such a farmer, Anton Cornwell, but not only has your property recently become affected, things are about to get much, much worse. With your house under attack, "invaded from all sides, you need to be reactive by using your mind to prevent any intrusions. Will you survive the eventful night ahead?"

Alterity Experience is a free-roaming, first-person "closed-door" thriller in which your only means of defense are quick wits and quicker actions. During times of leisure, you can learn more about the Cornwall family by exploring the old ranch, solving "tricky puzzles" along the way, but when the action heats up you'd better be ready. In order to prevent an "unknown threat" from entering, at times you will need to "move as fast as possible to block access directly or remotely through a home automation application." Hidden somewhere in the house is an "enigma from elsewhere" that may just hold the key to your survival, but even after you find it, you'll need to figure out how to use it and what good it can do to help you escape. 

Released exclusively on Steam, Alterity Experience is available now for download on Windows PC.

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