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Highly Likely there’s a new game out on Early Access

If There Will Be Blood taught us anything, it's that becoming an independent oilman is fraught with tension and peril. But it can also be full of charm and humour, as proven by indie developer Mikola Games' Highly Likely, which is available now on Steam Early Access.

The game stars a "funny and somewhat naive" man named Mikola, who lives with his wife in "a most ordinary Ukrainian farmstead near the Polish border." Unfortunately, "in pursuit of his dream, he lands in tough circumstances and finds himself facing the threat of total ruin." But a sliver of hope exists in the form of an "abandoned" oil pipeline. Sensing opportunity, Mikola proceeds to take control of it and "using various improvised devices, starts a risky venture that involves him in incredibly amusing, sometimes dangerous and unpredictable adventures."

Stylishly hand-painted and presented in third-person, side-scrolling fashion, Highly Likely will take players across "picturesque landscapes of the rural northern Ukraine, unique in their beauty," using over a dozen vehicles ranging "from a bicycle to a steam locomotive." Along the way you'll interact with more than three dozen characters, each with their own distinct personalities and peculiarities. As the "tragicomic plot" unfolds, a narrator regularly relays "off-screen events, voices the thoughts of the characters, and conducts dialogs on behalf of the characters." 

Designed to be the first game in a trilogy of related-yet-standalone adventures, the first four of six planned acts of Highly Likely are available now through Steam Early Access for Windows PC. While no firm release date for the finished version has yet been set, the developers are hoping to complete the final two chapters sometime within the next several months.

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