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Slender Threads weaving towards late 2020 release

Argentine studio Blyts certainly isn't afraid to show its dark side. After debuting with the comedic time-travel adventure Kelvin and the Infamous Machine, the indie developer went a shade darker earlier this year with Nobodies, in which players provide clean-up for government-funded assassins. Their next act will be darker still in the upcoming point-and-click thriller Slender Threads.

Harvey Green is a book seller and author in search of inspiration for a bestselling novel. He doesn't expect to find it in Villa Ventana, a "hillside community of empty stores and emptier people," but shortly after his arrival he discovers that "inspiration can strike in the unlikeliest of places" when he begins to experience "foreboding dreams, impossible coincidences, and hidden motives that set Harvey on the path to uncovering a chilling, fateful truth." As you guide the protagonist through the remote mountain town, "nefarious, unseen forces exert increasingly more sway over him and the town's residents."

Although exploring much different subject matter, Slender Threads does share some similarities with its lighthearted predecessor, including its stylish hand-drawn graphics and simple point-and-click controls. As you begin to "encounter and interact with a vast assortment of eccentric characters with inscrutable intentions," players must "solve a sequence of challenging puzzles as you draw ever closer to the source of the town's dark influence." Only by doing so can you hope to "bring to light the origins of the region's uncanny existence" – and perhaps even write all about it afterwards!

We're still a good year away until Slender Threads is launched on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux by the end of 2020, but while you wait you can follow its progress through the game's official website.

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