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Phoenix Tales rises on Steam

There used to be a time when adventure games and RPGs played in their own separate corners, rarely crossing paths until the likes of Quest for Glory came along to blur the line between them. Indie developer Steven DiLeo of Adventurers Guild Entertainment is the latest to merge the two genres with his newly-released Phoenix Tales, a fantasy adventure with some light turn-based combat that attempts to emulate the genre hybrid classics of the 1990s.

Players assume the role of a young visitor to the town of Northern Cross who quickly learns learn that "something strange is happening in the land of Rydanthia" and that "things are not what they seem." Merchant stories abound that nearby towns now lie deserted, and that "there are frightening creatures lurking in the forest." It is up to you to "solve the mysteries surrounding this threat," but if you're to "live to tell the tale" you'll need to rely at least a little on brawn as well as brains.

Presented using "real world locations and motion capture actors, which are then 'cartooned' into a unique art style," Phoenix Tales promises "plenty to see, do, and explore." Described as a point-and-click adventure "at its core" but melding in "RPG-lite" elements as well, not only will the game require you to "use your wits to solve the puzzles," you must also "gain experience and level up your character as you progress." There are stats to manage and weapon and armour upgrades to find that will assist you in mastering the "unique combat system that requires both timing and strategy."

According to DiLeo there are five unavoidable confrontations, but if fighting isn't your thing, rest assured that the game has been designed so that it can be kept to a minimum if you so desire, with alternate methods available to gain experience points and level up your character "without the need to grind all your individual stats." When it is time to cross swords with an enemy, you won't always be alone as along the way you'll "meet a companion who will prove to be quite helpful" with his "own play style, attributes, and attacks."

If you're ready for a little cross-genre adventuring, then put your thinking cap on and sharpen your sword as Phoenix Tales is available now on Steam for Windows PC. To learn more about the game, be sure to drop by the official website for additional information.

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