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Rauniot charging hard towards PC release

Perhaps the only thing worse than an apocalypse is actually surviving one. Soon enough we'll be seeing another cautionary tale of just how difficult life will be for those who remain in indie Finnish developer Act Normal Games' upcoming Rauniot.

In the year 1975, life as we know it came to an end when "massive nature catastrophe pushed civilization over the edge." Entire continents were drowned, "riots, massive conflicts and wars occurred," and "heavy amounts of pollution spread around from collapsed nuclear power plants and warheads." For the few who survived, many babies were "born mutated or dead, taking their mothers with them" and starving people were "driven to cannibalism as food resources slowly ran out." Even in these desparate times, however, a sense of civility and goodness was not completely lost, as a few groups formed to provide "protection, food, clean water, medicine, electricity and knowledge for [a] better life." 

Rauniot is an isometric point-and-click adventure (à la Sanitarium and STASIS) set in Northern Finland near Saana fjeld, where one young woman named Aino lives in just such a survivors' group. Her responsibility is to venture out on her own and report back "information about electricity production to the community." It's a hard job in a harder world, and she'll need to give her all if she's to succeed.

There is no target release date for Rauniot, but the game is due to launch on Steam for Windows PC "when it's ready." To follow its progress in the meantime, check out the official website for additional details. 

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