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My Beautiful Paper Smile due to begin unfolding early next year

All children are sometimes forced to stifle expression of negative feelings, but what of those unable to do anything else no matter how grim their circumstances? This is the rather bleak premise of the upcoming My Beautiful Paper Smile, a four-part adventure set to debut early next year.

The game takes place in a sinister "education" facility in which children called the Joyous are "raised to be perfect." Here in this place each child's "utmost joy is required at all times. They must smile always, never frowning; always happy, never saddened." You are one such youth who is no longer willing to abide these intolerable circumstances and are now determined to attempt a "near-impossible escape." As you explore the compound seeking a way out, you will "unlock the secrets that The Authorities hide, and discover what your purpose is in this strange and twisted world."

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a traditional point-and-click horror game with decidedly untraditional subject matter. Presented in a raw black-and-white sketch style, the story focuses on "the psychology of children’s imprisonment through exploration and playable puzzles in a terrifying supernatural setting." In your quest for freedom you will need to "acquire aid from unknown entities, avoid the authorities, evade an unearthly monster, uncover dark mysteries, and above all, survive."

Split into four distinct chapters, My Beautiful Paper Smile is set to debut on Steam in the first quarter of 2020, with the remaining three installments to be released as completed and offered for purchase either as DLC or part of a complete bundle. To learn more about the game, drop by the official website for additional details.

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