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3rd eye opens on Steam

Experiencing one's own dreams is surreal enough, but imagine finding yourself forced to visit other people's subconscious instead. Actually, there's no need to imagine as you can do just that in the newly-released psychological horror game 3rd eye

The game is named after the unique paranormal ability of young Koishi Komeiji, which allows her to "experience others' dreams and nightmares through surreal visions." More a curse than a blessing, Koichi fears using it so "she's spent most of her life alone, locked up in her room." All that changes when one night she "awakens, trapped in a strange alternate reality." Now she must use her gift to enter the minds of others, where she will need to "talk to characters (dead or alive) and explore her surroundings to discover items and clues." But if used indiscriminately her power can bring "dreadful consequences" and "only special eye drops will prevent the girl’s 3rd eye from becoming bloodshot and keep her hopes of returning home alive."

A point-and-click "2D exploration/horror game" set in the multimedia Touhou Project universe, 3rd eye features a "dream-like, evocative art style" intended to establish an "unsettling tone." As you traverse a variety of locales "entirely unlike reality" that include a park, a snowfield, a bamboo thicket and a mansion, you must help the lonely little protagonist to "understand the feelings of others and start building relationships that can ease her feelings of sadness and detachment in this touching story with three endings." 

If you're in the mood for a little psychological adventuring, turn your first two peepers towards Steam, where 3rd eye is available now for Windows and Mac.

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