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Nobodies making a name for itself on Steam

Lots of adventure games task players with solving murders, but covering them up? That's a whole different story – or in the case of Blyts' newly-released Nobodies, eleven different stories.

You're not the one actually getting your hands dirty doing all the killing. In fact, you're the the clean-up detail for "government-sanctioned assassins." A terrorist organization named Q-100 is "hell-bent on unleashing horrendous experimental bioweapons on the world," but you belong to a "secret government counter-terrorist organization" working to stop them by any means necessary. Of course, "after the hitmen have taken out their target, somebody has to clear up the mess. That's you." It's your job to "hide the bodies, destroy the evidence, and leave no trace you were ever there."

The new game from the creators of Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is quite a bit different from its predecessor. Gone are the third-person perspective, comedic touches and somewhat cartoony aesthetic from before, replaced in Nobodies with a slideshow-style first-person presentation with more realistic graphics and obviously much more serious subject matter. There will be eleven discrete missions for you to complete, each of them promising to be "packed with puzzles" that range from "classic inventory puzzles, to bespoke mindbending tasks." Resourcefulness will be "essential to succeed in hiding the evidence," but you'll have the freedom to devise your own strategy as there are "various ways to approach many situations, some more effective than others."

Speaking of keeping things secret, the most surprising news is that production on Nobodies is not just underway, it's already done, as the game has launched on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux, with mobile versions for iOS and Android devices to follow on October 28th.

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