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Sol705 campaign

Exorcise the Demons is cast out on Steam

If you thought the worst horror faced by an exorcist was 360-degree head spins and projectile pea soup vomiting, think again as the newly-released Exorcise the Demons will sent you into the fiery depths of the netherworld to confront your foes directly. Fortunately, you won't be alone...

Players find themselves trapped in a nightmarish abyss of fire, floating islands, rocky platforms, and great big, nasty-looking demons. You can't fight, run or hide, but you aren't entirely defenseless. It seems you have been "possessed by the soul of a mysterious woman" who has access to the Book of Rituals, which holds the key to your survival. If you are ever to escape this hellish void, you must "purge it of the demonic powers which haunt it by combining the actions of the exorcist with the knowledge of their partner."

Although it looks like a first-person 3D action game, Exorcise the Demons is really a co-op adventure in which the first player performs the actions needed to complete one of seven randomly-generated rituals, while the other will "browse through the Book of Rituals to discover how to achieve them." But there's a catch: "only one player can see the screen, and the other player is the only one able to read the book!" If you are to succeed, "communication is key, and you will have to constantly share information." (Presumably you could cheat, but do you really want to risk eternal damnation by breaking the rules of exorcism here in this place?) 

If you and a friend think you have what it takes to Exorcise the Demons, you can get started right away as the game is now available on Steam for Windows PC. Since only one player actually controls the computer, just a single copy is necessary for two people to play. The Book of Rituals itself is of course included for your partner, and can be copied from the game and printed if so desired.

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