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Dum-Dum logs in on Steam Early Access

You thought Hynospace Outlaw was retro? It's got nothing on Hogo Company's Dum-Dum, the newest OS-based adventure for computer geeks filled with nostalgia for the olden days, available now through Early Access.

Forget Apple and Microsoft: Back in the day Hogo OS was the self-proclaimed "greatest operating system of all time," powering "cutting-edge computers by providing stunning color displays, generating amazing sound, and supporting huge 426x240 pixel display monitors." And then, suddenly, it all disappeared in "one of the biggest mysteries of the 1980s." Speculation is rampant that "an evil mastermind attempted to use Hogo OS to take over the world, and was only stopped by the bumbling actions of a complete idiot." Not only is that theory entirely true, it turns out that "you are that idiot."

Equal parts "simulator and an adventure game," Dum-Dum's interface is presented in the form of a blatantly retro but fully functional operating system, the famed Hogo OS 1985 Edition. Among its many programs are "numerous games like Solitaire 1985 and Hogoworm Dungeon. Creativity applications like Animator and Piano Composer. Digital books, interactive stories, and features to customize your desktop. There's even a simple working BASIC programming language." Players are encouraged to experiment and enjoy everything this (once-)revolutionary OS has to offer, but dig beneath all this digital sandbox goodness and you will also uncover hidden secrets, clues to decipher, "quirky characters" to interact with, and puzzles to solve as you attempt to piece together "the strange history of the Hogo Company" and perhaps ultimately save the world.

While the finished, fully polished version of Dum-Dum isn't expected to be ready for another year, the game is available now through Steam Early Access for Windows PC. The current version is already completely playable, but the developer still hopes to include "additional adventures" and possibly even an extension of the main storyline, along with various new programs to round out the Hogo OS experience.

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