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Come Back arrives on PC in episodic debut

It's all too easy for society to turn a blind eye to the problem of domestic abuse most of the time, but indie French developer Team NoLan has set its sights squarely on this sensitive subject with the debut episode of their point-and-click adventure serial, Come Back.

The game thrusts players into the first-person role of a lost soul who awakes on a "mysterious shore" in a "dissociative fugue state" with no memory of who you are, what has happened or how you got here. It soon becomes clear that this memory loss is linked to a "recent trauma" that you will need to rediscover via a series of notes left scattered around. Only by solving puzzles and thoroughly exploring two different islands can you hope to piece together the "upsetting truth" that left you stranded here alone. 

Presented in a lovely limited-colour, hand-drawn art style, this debut chapter of Come Back contains more than twenty unique scenes across both Gull Island and Wrecked Island. A slideshow-style adventure with simple mouse-driven controls, the experience promises many "difficult enigmas that will leave you puzzled for quite a long time" in this ongoing tale of "trust and identity."

Conceived as part of a game jam back in 2017 before being expanded for commercial release, Come Back: Chapter 1 is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, Game Jolt and itch.io, with an additional two or three installments still to come. 


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