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Everything you need to know about How Do You Know Mr. Blue?

One of the biggest challenges for any investigator is separating the truth from the lies. In indie Swedish developer Winteractive's upcoming How Do You Know Mr. Blue?, you'll need to identify any and all contradictions of the suspects you interrogate if you hope to succeed. 

Players assume the first-person role of a private investigator who has been "hired by the enigmatic mega-corporation C-Corp to track down the whereabouts of a 'Mr. Blue', an employee of theirs who has gone missing." Rather than don your deerstalker and pull out your magnifying glass searching for clues, "your first assignment is to interview Mr. Blue's immediate co-workers about his disappearance. They're all claiming ignorance, but someone is lying. Find out who."

Presented in a distinctive hand-painted art style, this "narrative-based detective game" is driven by dialogue with a primary focus on interrogation. In an attempt to "unravel the mysterious inner workings" of the company, you will meet various colour-coded characters, each of them fully voiced, and it is your job to "collect statements, organize them and discover contradictions" in their testimonies in order to confront those not telling the truth.  

There is currently no target launch date for How Do You Know Mr. Blue?, but you can already sample its work-in-progress gameplay through the prototype demo that can be downloaded either from Game Jolt or the game's official website.

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