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First details unearthed for Trash Diamonds

They say that one person's trash is another person's treasure. It's meant figuratively, but in Beavl's upcoming Trash Diamonds, we'll discover just how true it can literally be on a universal scale when the retro-styled sci-fi puzzler is launched next year.

Sarah has what may be the world’s loneliest job. Except she isn’t on this world. She is stranded in space. Alone... except, that is, for her sentient coffee machine. Trash Diamonds takes place in the future, after mankind has discovered a novel way of disposing of its garbage by dumping refuse into the theoretical space between worlds, dubbed the “inter-reality”. As it turns out, the non-Einsteinian physics of the inter-reality have a way of turning the junk jettisoned there into diamonds. It is Sarah’s job to recover these trash diamonds.

The game combines traditional point-and-click adventure gameplay segments about everyday space life with the puzzle-centric gem collecting. The former unravels a tale of conspiracy on a cosmic scale, and sees Sarah uncovering some shocking truths about who she really is. The latter deals with navigating the ship along a two-dimensional grid, collecting trash diamonds in certain orders and patterns, using the vessel’s mechanical arms without missing any. The two gameplay styles also affect each other, as collecting diamonds may net funds to purchase important items, while certain interactions on the ship may come into play to help solve a particularly challenging puzzle later down the line.

The indie Argentinian studio is currently aiming to launch Trash Diamonds on Windows and Mac at first, with other platforms to follow still under consideration. Those interested in learning more about the game can check out the developer’s Discord channel. If all goes according to plan, we may be braving the lonely reaches of space for untold riches as early as 2020.

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