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Angelo and Deemon to begin One Hell of a Quest this summer

From Artifex Mundi to Eipix Entertainment, it seems like more and more casual game developers are making the leap to full-fledged adventure games these days. (The more the merrier, we say!) The latest to join in the point-and-click fun is Ukrainian developer Specialbit Studio, who have unveiled the details of their first adventure, Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest.

The game comes by its title honestly, as a young man named Angelo will indeed find himself traveling to Hell... and hopefully back. When a "strike of lightning ignited an unbelievable and breathtaking chain of events," the Grim Reaper ended up visiting the wrong apartment to claim his latest soul. Angelo, a blogger in desperate need of traffic, sees a trip to the underworld as an ideal opportunity for the scoop of a lifetime. The journey to the inferno is no vacation, however, and upon his arrival he finds the place "inhabited with persons he’ll have to deal with and work hard to solve their problems." 

Angelo and Deemon promises "Helluva great looking levels" while emphatically proclaiming that its graphics are "not pixel art!" for a change – a claim certainly borne out by the slick hand-drawn screenshots and trailer released. Despite its diabolical premise, this is very much a comedy, promising a "cocktail of humor and philosophy" throughout. Along the way, there will also be a variety of "addictive and mind-blowing puzzles" to solve, and you'll even have the chance to visit the Devil himself.

There is currently no firm release date for Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest, but the game is currently on track to be completed for Windows, Mac and Linux sometime in July or August of this year.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest

Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest is available at:

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