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First details roll in for GRUNND

Dozing off on the train may seem like a good way to pass the time, but not so much when you wake up to discover you're arrived in an alternate dimension. Whoops! Players will need to confront just such a scenario in GRUNND, an upcoming narrative-driven adventure from indie developer Neoteric Rites.

GRUNND thrusts players unexpectedly into the parallel universe of Tyr, and specifically Bytown, which seems "pretty similar to ours" on the surface. Dig deeper, however, and you'll find that there are many differences, including the fact that "religious systems" are practically nonexistent here. As you attempt to find out where you are and how to get back home, you'll meet "various bizarre characters" along the way and uncover details about "unknown deities that govern the world."

Fully voiced and presented in a beautiful third-person art style, GRUNND promises to portray "bleak Southern Gothic inspired landscapes" with the kind of "dark mood" popularized by David Lynch. With various levels branching off a number of central hub locations, some of which can only be visited once, the game explore themes of "desperation and hardship" as well as "people's somewhat narrow and deeply religious, often nonsensical world views." There are three different control schemes planned, and puzzles will largely revolve around making the correct decisions to overcome obstacles and progress. Player choice is crucial to the experience, as some of the decisions you make permanently open certain paths and close others while leading to multiple different endings.

Currently in development for Windows PC (with console ports possible later on), GRUNND is on track for release late this year or early in 2020. To follow the game's progress in the meantime, drop by the developer's website for updates. 

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