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Ghost Giant to materialize in virtual reality in April

Being a giant or a ghost would be enough to terrify most people, but both? That's precisely the challenge that will confront players in April in the aptly-titled PlayStation VR exclusive puzzle-adventure Ghost Giant.

You won't have to worry about scaring everybody, fortunately, as only one person can actually see you. Attempting to befriend and protect a "lonely boy named Louis" in the fantasy world of Sancourt, in order to earn his trust you'll need to use your size and strength to "help him through small, big and sometimes overwhelmingly huge obstacles, discovering the true meaning of friendship along the way." 

The gorgeous 3D setting for this adventure is heavily stylized, presenting a "unique, crafty-looking dollhouse world which can be manipulated in multiple ways and is full of hidden secrets." The developer's goal is to "recreate the feel of exploring a doll’s house in VR by lifting furniture off the roof and playing around with trinkets and furniture inside." Written in collaboration with Swedish author Sara Bergmark Elfgren, it's a tale that promises to be "filled with warmth and charm" in "pushing the boundaries of physical interaction with emotionally compelling storytelling."

Created by Zoink, the team behind puzzle-platformers Stick it to the Man, Fe, and Flipping Death, this game marks the studio's first virtual reality title. It's not far off, either, as Ghost Giant will be launched digitally on PlayStation VR on April 16th, along with a boxed version in EU territories (and an as-yet-unannouced North American launch to follow). To learn more about the game in the meantime, be sure to check out the official website.

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