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Strange Telephone now connected to PC

Remember when phones used to be for calling people? Now they're maps, cameras, calculators, web browsers, you name it. But Strange Telephone goes one step further than that. In HZ3 Software's surreal retro-styled adventure, you can make calls to transport yourself to random different worlds. Of course, then you'll somehow find your way back home. 

Strange Telephone stars a young woman named Jill, who finds herself "trapped in a dark world with a large door floating before her." Coming to her assistance is Graham, who "takes on the form of a telephone." Punching any six-digit number into Graham literally calls up various worlds for Jill to explore, and "in each of these worlds are items to be found, including the key that will lead to her escape."

Despite its surreal nature, the game features "all the trappings of a classic indie title: the pixel art graphics, animation, music, and more." By calling different numbers, collecting inventory in the worlds you summon and using it to progress, the play experience promises to be very different each time, ultimately leading to one of eleven unique endings. According to the developer, the game also conceals a "hidden story" upon which all the other elements have been built. Identifying this narrative foundation is purely optional, but if players can "manage to read between the lines and figure some of this stuff out, then the world of Strange Telephone can be enjoyed on an even deeper level."

Originally launched in late 2017 exclusively for mobile devices, Strange Telephone has since been significantly upgraded on their original platforms, as well as ported to Windows PC, where it is now available to purchase on Steam and PLAYISM.

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