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Demo unearthed from The Funny Boneyard

A millenial slacker may not be anyone's idea of a traditional hero, but sometimes there's more to people than meets the eye. At least, we'll need to hope that's the case in ZORPEK's upcoming comic point-and-click adventure, The Funny Boneyard

Maria Romero lives in a "dump" because she can't get accepted into university, and now her phone is broken. What's a lazy young person to do but offer "a shrug and a sullen sigh?" But Maria will need to do a lot more than that if she's to become the nemesis of an unscrupulous politician and save her city from his nefarious machinations. If only something could motivate her into action... wait, even her favourite pub is in danger? Well that's going too far!

Inspired by the point-and-click genre classics, The Funny Boneyard isn't shy about wearing its inspirations on its sleeve, though it promises to provide "modern social commentary" as well. Created by indie Austrian developers Josef Zorn and Andreas Capek, the game's highly-stylized pixel art and SCUMM-style verb interface (with a few unusual options) are straight out of the Golden Era, as are the "boatload of crazy characters and fun puzzles" to deal with throughout. The goal is to appeal not only to nostalgic adventure fans, however, but also to "non-gamers with fondness for books and fun stories as well as for kids who simply can identify."

The final release of The Funny Boneyard on Windows PC is tentatively targeted for 2020, but you can sample it firsthand already through the playable demo available for download.  

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