From Beyond: Prologue comes to the fore on Steam

Who says they don't make 'em like they used to? Sometimes they make 'em exactly like that, as in indie developer SuckerFree Games' newly-released MacVenture-styled horror adventure From Beyond: Prologue.

The game tells the tale of professor Crawford Tillinghast, who in 1910 "mounted an expedition into the mountains of Europe." In search of "a lost village shrouded in the myths and rumors of a bygone era," it's fair to say he found a whole lot more than he bargained for, including corpses stacked in a slaughterhouse, savage animals, and giant tentacled monsters eager to end your life, to name just a few of the horrors that await.

Both the "Nintendo inspired graphics and sound" and menu-based point-and-click gameplay are highly reminiscent of Shadowgate and its ilk from the late 1980s. The viewable play area takes up only a small portion of the screen real estate, with the rest filled with a navigable map, a list of acquired inventory items, and a selection of verbs for use in the current screen. 

While designed as a standalone story, From Beyond: Prologue is intended to be just the start of an ongoing series, as its subtitle suggests, with connected plot points and some crossover characters in subsequent sequels. You can dive into this debut installment right away, as the game is already available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Details on From Beyond: Prologue

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From Beyond: Prologue  2018

A point and click adventure horror game, presented to you with haunting Nintendo inspired graphics and sound.

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