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Darwin’s Test makes leap onto Steam next month

Charles Darwin inspired the term "survival of the fittest," and sure enough, in indie French developer Wolfalone Studio's upcoming dystopian sci-fi adventure Darwin's Test, only the smartest and the quickest can expect to live through it.

Players step into the first-person shoes of "Patient #2550," who's lost his memories following a serious accident. Through loudspeakers scattered throughout, "doctors will take you through a protocol of care consisting of a dozen experimental tests in a research hospital." But these are no ordinary tests, and soon "strange events" begin to occur that "start to cast doubt on your actual presence here" and make you question fundamental truths like who you are, where you are, and why you need to pass these trials.

The gameplay of Darwin's Test is set up much like Portal and its ilk, with players maneuvering through free-roaming, mysterious hi-tech environments and solving challenges along the way. Here the obstacles promise to include logical puzzles, physical tasks demanding good reflexes, moral dilemmas that force you to make difficult choices, and a variety of sensory tests. Elements such as switches, pressure plates, laser beams, and reflectors, among others, will be gradually introduced, keeping the experience fresh throughout its estimated four hours of play time without becoming more difficult to avoid player frustration.

The creation of just one man, Julien Garcia, Darwin's Test is nearing completion after a year in development, with a launch on Steam for Windows PC due on December 7th. 

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