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The Crimson Diamond set to shine in 2019

It's been nearly nearly 30 years since Sierra introduced Laura Bow to the world, and the intrepid heroine returned in just one sequel a few years later. Proving, however, that the spirit of Laura Bow lives on even today, indie Canadian developer Julia Minamata has unveiled a new retro-styled graphical adventure in the same classic mold, called The Crimson Diamond.

The star of this game is not Laura, of course, but Nancy Maple, an "amateur geologist and reluctant detective" who finds herself traveling to the "fictional ghost town of Crimson, Ontario to investigate the discovery of a massive diamond in the area." While staying at the Crimson Lodge, players must "explore the lodge and its environs to evaluate the diamond claim, and maybe solve a mystery or two along the way." You'll need to be a bit sneaky about it, however, as you'll "eavesdrop on conversations to learn more about the eccentric cast of characters" around you, each of whom has "different personalities and motivations" to uncover.

One look at the 16-colour, EGA-style graphics in the game's first screenshots and trailer clearly show off the developer's inspiration, but Minamata didn't stop there. Continuing the retro Sierra theme, The Crimson Diamond is a text-driven adventure, in which players move Nancy around with the keyboard and type commands to interact with her surroundings. The goal, as it was back in the late '80s and early '90s, is to present a "cozy mystery that encourages reading and engaging in the story."

There is currently no firm release date, though the game is optimistically on track to be completed for Windows PC as early as September 2019. There's no need to wait for your first taste of sleuthing, mind you, as a playable demo is already available from the game's official website.

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