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Demo offers first look at Yet Another Hero Story

You may think that if you've seen one hero story you've seen them all, but you might just find out differently in indie developer Sinking Sheep's upcoming  Yet Another Hero Story.

While the game calls itself "Yet Another Hero Story" and is filled with many familiar fantasy tropes, its star is anything but your typical hero. He's Martin McNish, a young man so dumb that he couldn't even enroll in a proper public school. But compared to trolls and ogres, he was the star student of the Adventurers School, an institution teaching courses like "Head Bashing 101," "Bad-mouthing your opponents" and "Advanced Thief Logistics." Little is expected of graduates, but after three long years, Martin is ready for a challenge. He means to be a hero, and fortunately a noblewoman has been abducted and is in need of rescuing. 

Proudly wearing its inspirations on its sleeve, along with telling yet another hero story the game is also yet another point-and-click fantasy adventure inspired by the genre classics. Set in a "colourful, cartoon world," players will guide Martin through a variety of beautifully hand-painted environments using a simple single-click interface to move, talk to other characters and interact with objects.  

Though no specific release date has yet been announced, the developer's plan is to release the game on Windows, Mac and Linux "within the next couple of months." In the meantime, you can already get a first taste of what to expect through the playable demo now available, in which Martin and his donkey pal Rupert are on their way to the town of Kavinbridge when misfortune (of Martin's own doing, naturally) befalls them.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD Yet Another Hero Story

Yet Another Hero Story is available at:

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