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Clam Man comes out of shell ahead of crowdfunding campaign

Step aside, Spider-Man. Move over, Batman. Make way for... the Clam Man? Well, yes. He's no superhero, but he is the eponymous star of his own upcoming point-and-click adventure from the appropriately named three-man Finnish studio Team Clam. 

A Junior Sales Assistant at Snacky Bay Prime Mayonnaise, one day Clam Man finds himself abruptly fired from his job with no explanation. However, as he's "not willing to go down without a fight, Clam Man takes to the streets of Snacky Bay to uncover the mysterious reason behind the layoff." His quest for "clammy justice" takes him throughout the city, where he'll meet a variety of "strange inhabitants, each with a whole lot to say."

Clam Man's colourful cartoon art style is no accident, as the game is partly inspired by Bojack Horseman, along with the developer's other comedy favourites like Monty Python, Arrested Development, and the works of Tim Schafer. With over 60,000 words of dialogue and more than 20 characters to interact with, each with "their own personality and conversation options," the focus here is on making people laugh rather than puzzles, thought there will be some of the latter to solve along the way.

With a target release date in early 2019, Team Clam is planning a crowdfunding campaign though Indiegogo soon to help finance the project through its home stretch. In the meantime, you can already check out the game for yourself through a browser-based demo that effectively serves as a prologue to the full game. 

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