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Sluggish Morss arrives suddenly on Kickstarter

Claymation adventures are few and far between, but if all goes well in indie developer Jack King-Spooner's Kickstarter campaign for Sluggish Morss: Pattern Circus, we could be seeing another as soon as early 2020.

While few specific story details have been revealed, Sluggish Morss is set in a "dark and cryptic future" in which players witness how "Another Time Expression, a temporal interference phenomenon," impacts the lives of eight playable characters: a hunter, dreamer, artist, child, racer, fighter, scientist and a detective. The different narratives create a "fractured and interweaving non-linear story" in which each character's experience can be played in any order, in such a way that proves "chronological sequence is different from emotional sequence."

The presentation is just as unusual as its premise. The entire game will be built out of clay, cardboard and other materials, then filmed and computer-processed for lighting effects. The developer's goal is to establish an aesthetic that is "fleshy, tactile, a bit goofy and at the same time a bit uncanny and grotesque." Inviting players to explore "an intricate [...] world full of feverish, intertwining stories told with humour, irreverence and melancholy," along the way there will be a "wealth of context-specific mini games and side quests; from top-down combat to puzzles and other miscellany," though any action-based activities will be strictly optional. 

In order to make Sluggish Morss a reality for Windows, Mac and Linux by January 2020, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise £7,000 by November 27th.

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