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Transpose ends up on virtual reality platforms

Virtual reality continues to be a go-to source for modern puzzlers, the latest being Secret Location’s newly-released Transpose

While story details are scarce (or perhaps nonexistent), Transpose is set in a "dreamlike universe" in which players will need to "collect and sacrifice energy to power up a mysterious ancient machine." To do this, you must "record multiple overlapping versions of [yourself] that need to work together to solve increasingly intricate puzzles." Cloning yourself creates strategic time loops and only by using your "spatial problem-solving skills to manipulate [your] past actions and the environment" will you be able to overcome the many obstacles confronting you.

Spanning more than 30 levels across three surreal sci-fi worlds that should take about eight hours to complete, the game is presented in first-person "room-scale VR" and designed to "fully leverage the experiential aspects of virtual reality by accessing the fourth dimension within the three dimensions of VR." Not only does Transpose record your every action using real-time motion capture, allowing "echoed" time loops to mimic your behaviour precisely, but you can shift the perspective entirely by rotating the environment itself to "walk on walls and ceilings."

Releasing exclusively for VR devices, Transpose is available today for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

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