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Silence in Space get stealthy PC release

You can't hear sound in outer space, which may explain why we almost missed the stealthy launch of Silence in Space: Season One earlier this month.

Silence in Space tells the story of a "galactic mercenary" named Alan Blake. After Blake's radar picks up a drifting spacecraft, he attempts to contact the vessel but gets no response. Deciding to board the ship to investigate what happened to the crew, upon his arrival he "encounters strange situations" and disturbing sights that he certainly wasn't anticipating.

Created by indie developer Gisa Ferreira and obviously intended to be just the start of an ongoing series, Silence in Space promises a mix of "science fiction and horror themes" presented in a retro style that serves as a "tribute" the classic point-and-click adventures, including Yahtzee's Chzo Mythos games. Observant players can also expect to see a variety of popular sci-fi and movie references, including the likes of Aliens, Event Horizon, Doctor Who and Stranger Things.

The good part about being surprised by a game's release is that there's no need to wait to play it! Silence in Space: Season One is now available on Steam for Windows PC download.

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