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Lucius to strike again in new sequel

The devil will soon be back among us – or at least the son of the devil, in the case of Shiver Games' upcoming series finale, Lucius III.

Once again, players will directly control the spawn of Satan himself, a young boy with extraordinary powers and the bloodlust to use it. Now freed from the constaints of the asylum housing him in the previous game, Lucius "returns to his old neighborhood of Winter Hill," a path that promises to be "a difficult one, with trials and tribulations waiting ahead." Older now but still just a child, this time around the boy's choices will play a significant part in the story, including whether it's "finally time to end it all."

As with its predecessors, the game is presented in free-roaming, third-person 3D as players explore Lucius's little hometown. As the "villain protagonist" seeking to "fulfill the prophecy of the rapture," you will once again have to plot schemes that best serve your wicked cause, using your "powerful magical abilities" to accomplish your goals without drawing attention to yourself as the source of destruction. Not surprisingly, you can expect the new story to "include his signature gruesome violence and disturbing images, but this time there will be some heartfelt moments of regret and sorrow" as well.

There is no firm launch date set for Lucius III just yet, but the game is currently on track for release on Steam sometime before the end of the year. To follow its progress in the coming months, be sure to drop by the official website for additional details.

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