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Phoenix Online announces next publishing phase

Phoenix Online Studios is reaching for the skies with its upcoming publishing plans – quite literally, as the next two games to be released will be A Rite from the Stars and Bleeding Moons.


A Rite from the Stars

First announced back in 2014 when it was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter, A Rite from the Stars is a 3D point-and-click adventure game from Spanish developer Risin' Goat. The game follows the exploits of Kirm, a "young mute boy chosen by the Stars to undertake a mystical rite of passage to become a legend among his people." The coming-of-age tale will see players explore the "Mystical Island of Kaikala, home to the Makoa tribe, and pursue the three paths of Wisdom, Courage, and Spirit in any order they choose. Each path introduces new mechanics to solve unique challenges, ranging from action sequences to musical puzzles, with Kirm’s playable meerkat companion Mirk and guiding star Hoku on hand to collaborate on puzzle solutions and lend insight along the way."

A Rite from the Stars will be Phoenix Online's first game out of the chute. Though no firm release date has yet been released, the game is on track for launch sometime this summer for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the meantime, you can learn more about the game through the developer's website.


Bleeding Moons

A much different style of adventure, IAN Games' Bleeding Moons is an interactive visual novel-style game with an overhead pixel art view more common to RPGs than adventures. Inspired in part by To the Moon, the game hews closer to a choose-your-own-adventure gamebook than a traditional point-and-click, but does include some puzzles and exploration along the way for an "adventure-lite" experience. Players control Ian de Valmain, a "young nobleman-turned-assassin who must infiltrate a mercenary camp to help save his homeland. A second son not destined for greatness or inheritance, Ian is caught up in political intrigue and a violent war he was not prepared for, and now struggles with what he must do." Player choices are integral to the direction of the story, as your decisions will "affect not only the outcome of the war but also the shape of Ian's soul and the love of his life as you navigate to one of many possible endings."

Bleeding Moons is a little farther off than A Rite to the Stars, with a targeted completion date sometime before the end of the year. While you wait, you can not only learn more about the game through the official website, you can also check out an early prototype demo, though the game has been significantly overhauled since then so it is not reflective of final quality. 

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