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No bull, Horns of Fear is out on Steam

Indie developer Pixoala invites those willing to face the mystifying and macabre to grab the bull by the horns – Horns of Fear, that is. The newly-released descent into psychological horror takes advantage of people’s innate phobias of the ordinary as well as the grotesque, while offering up a bevy of codes to break and puzzles to unravel.

Players take on the role of Jim Sonrimor (Morrison, anybody?), a journalist with a special interest in the paranormal. As such things tend to go, Jim is invited to visit a strange mansion one night, and of course accepts without hesitation. Not much is known about what follows next, but if the images in the brief trailer are any indication, players will need an iron stomach as well as all their wits to face the malign mysteries waiting for them.

The game features a third-person collage-style presentation as Jim explores the mansion. Dialog segments using character portraits, a puzzle surrounding decapitated plastic doll heads, someone’s disturbing obsession with creepy clowns, giant severed hands, and gruesome sights that defy explanation all seem to be par for the course for this nightmarishly surreal adventure.

Made almost entirely by a single developer, Horns of Fear is available today on Steam, exclusively for Windows PC.

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