King of Peasants preparing to rule in 2019

In last year's Lydia, indie Finnish developer Platonic Partnership tackled some dark issues in a very serious way, but they plan to take a more lighthearted approach to other "heavy topics" in their next project, King of Peasants, a "satirical adventure game about prejudice and stupidity." 

Set during the Dark Ages, King of Peasants stars two knights named Dante and Angus. While plot details are sparse at this point, the story follows the two men as they roam the countryside, "performing tasks for the Inquisition until their paths cross with Martin Luther. And things start to develop from there." Despite the medieval backdrop, the game promises to explore some very relatable modern-day themes, such as "hate speech, racism, fake news and social media." The tone, however, will be humorous overall, as the developers believe such topics "require distancing and some lightness."

Like its predecessor, King of Peasants is "entirely handmade", but instead of the grim black-and-white aesthetic of Lydia, the new game is much brighter and more vivid, designed with a "mix of watercolors and pencils" in a style meant to resemble a "living painting". Although it looks and controls like a traditional point-and-click adventure, the experience is intended to be a "fast-paced, snappy [...] almost movie-like experience" with streamlined mechanics and some minigames designed for "mature audiences who have only limited spare time to play games."

Although King of Peasants is taking a "mobile-first approach", it will be released for Windows and Mac as well as iOS and Android devices sometime in 2019. While you wait, you can follow its progress through the official website.

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