Clock ticking down to launch of Midnight Quest

Nothing good ever comes from trying to mess with time... unless, of course, it happens in an adventure game. In indie developer Sergey Romanko's Midnight Quest, a time-based disaster once again is the catalyst for puzzling adventurey goodness, as we'll soon see when the game releases next month.

Midnight Quest puts players in the role of a young man assisting a "famous scientist to conduct experiments with time." Tragically, an accident causes an explosion that kills the scientist. Now, "all alone in the middle of the night inside of a country house," it's up to you to fix this mess and even save your mentor, but you'll need to travel through time to do it. 

With a charming third-person, hand-drawn art style and traditional point-and-click controls, Midnight Quest drops players into the early 20th century. As the protagonist continues to get himself into a series of "unexpected situations," the only way forward is to solve a variety of puzzles and interact with the "friendly and not so friendly characters" along the way.

There's not long to wait for Midnight Quest, even without the benefit of a time machine, as the game is due to launch on Steam for Windows PC on January 16th.

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Midnight Quest  2018

A young assistant helps a famous scientist conduct experiments with time, until a tragic laboratory experiment ended in an explosion that killed the scientist.

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