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Bad Dream: Coma becomes reality

Nightmares are inherently unpleasant things, but they're not so bad when they play out like a point-and-click adventure, right? Such is the case in Desert Fox's recently-released Bad Dream: Coma.

Players find themselves stuck in a surreal world full of creepy images and obstacles you are unable to awake from. With a city on the horizon, you begin the game on a broken down bridge, which you will need to traverse on your way to a hospital filled with eerie patients and eerier staff. Along the way, you must collect inventory and solve puzzles to progress, and as you encounter various creatures in your path, you must "find the way to erase them from your memory and turn this dream to a peaceful nap."

Presented in a minimalist, hand-sketched art style with an amusingly deranged and sometimes gory sensibility that is definitely not for children, Bad Dream promises non-linear gameplay and hidden content for those curious enough to explore this "disturbing dreamland" to its fullest. But beware how you behave, as your actions have consequences. Consistently follow a peaceful path and you will attain the "good" ending, but indulge your wicked tendencies just a little and consign yourself to the "neutral" ending  – or worse. Take comfort in knowing that you can't die, but make no mistake, you can and probably will "suffer greatly."

Released for Windows PC on Big Fish, don't be fooled into thinking that Bad Dream: Coma is just another cookie cutter hidden object game. With no hint system or hand-holding of any kind, this is one adventure that will test your wits as well as your nerve. And if you like what you see in this first commercial release, you can always go back and check out the series' previous freeware offerings done in a similar style. 

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